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BLOG: Preventing Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a continuous problem in the USA. Every year more than 10,000 American citizens are killed in car crashes caused by drunk drivers. Below is an attempt to lower this number. Also, I have presented three current scenarios whereby the problem is, or could be, an ever-increasing problem.

BLOG: Season Greetings and Future Challenges

Dear Members, partners and supporters, the IOGT International World Congress in 2010 clearly pointed out the importance for IOGT International to support and build an effective network  and bring together organizations, institutions and foundations from all over the world for international fellowship and furtherance of the temperance platform. This work has had the highest priority during 2011. The … Read more »

BLOG: Celebrating Human Rights A Matter Of Lifestyle

Free speech, democratic participation and Human dignity can only be made reality, if they become a matter of heart for the people. Lifestyle is about demonstrating, public speaking, using social media, signing petitions and public debating. But a Human Rights lifestyle comprises more: It is also about personal choices, behavior patterns that foster one’s own well-being and the community’s welfare simultaneously…