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NEWS: Week #31 Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up

Welcome to another week of carefully curated alcohol policy news, latest science updates, and more Big Alcohol revelations.
Special Feature:
Members news from Ghana where GhanAPA was launched with the support of the IOGT movement.
For week 31, our Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up contains:
Alcohol policy updates come from New Delhi, India, Hungary, Ukraine and Scotland.
Fresh science updates are about the digital world, labelling awareness among youth and alcohol policy in Ontario, Canada.
Our Big Alcohol monitor exposes the tobacco and alcohol giants invested in Big Marijuana, Heineken in Kenya, and political interference in Australia and The Gambia…

REPORT: UK: Adolescent Awareness on Alcohol Labelling

Most young alcohol users, including almost half of higher-risk alcohol users, did not recall seeing any information, health messages or warnings on alcohol packaging in the past month, suggesting that current labelling is failing to reach this key audience…

NEWS: USA: Public Health Groups Request Cancer Warning On Alcohol

Public health groups in the US has joined together to call for  warning statement on alcoholic beverages to increase consumer awareness of the link between alcohol and cancer. The groups are asking U.S. Department of Treasury’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau TTB to undertake a congressional reporting process provided for by the Alcoholic Beverage Labeling Act of 1988…

NEWS: EU: Liquor Industry Lets Down Consumers (Again)

Europe’s liquor industry declared plans to list the number of calories and ingredients in their products. But the latest move is not nearly enough and has received heavy criticism from public health experts.
Alcoholic beverages have been exempt from EU labeling rules that are in force for all food and non-alcoholic drinks. Instead of regulating the alcohol industry and requiring effective labelling, the European Commission decided to rely on self-regulation allowing the alcohol industry to come up with their own plan to regulate itself.
The European consumers organization BEUC has said that, with Europe facing an obesity crisis, calorie content labeling for alcohol was a necessity.
In March 2018, the sector came up with an initiative to provide more information about energy content and ingredients but critics said at the time that if much of the information was available only online, it was not realistic to expect all consumers to have access to it…

REPORT: Mass Media Campaigning on Alcohol Risk Awareness and Alcohol Policy

Conclusively, the results show that a mass media campaign was associated with an increase in awareness of alcohol as a risk factor for cancer as well as alcohol policy support at a population level.

NEWS: India: Health Warnings on Alcohol Bottles

All alcohol bottles in India will carry mandatory health warnings from April 1, 2019. These statutory warnings on the labels will include requests to consumers to not consume alcohol and drive and outline how alcohol consumption is harmful for health. The warnings, “Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health” and “Be safe: Don’t drink and drive” will be depicted on alcohol bottles along with other labeling standards…

NEWS: Hongkong: Increasing Alcohol Policy Implementation

Health warnings could be put on alcoholic beverage containers in Hong Kong as the government considers its next step in an effort to curb binge alcohol use.
Hongkong has recently implemented alcohol availability regulations, requiring customer identification proving they were over 18 years of age to purchase alcohol. Retailers found selling alcohol to minors are facing tougher prosecution…

NEWS: EU: Commissioner Endorses Industry Self-Regulation

In response to a written question by Croatian Socialist MEP Biljana Borzan [S&D], European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis made it clear that the entire alcohol sector should develop within one year a self-regulatory proposal on labelling…

NEWS: Estonia: EU Presidency Prioritizes Alcohol Policy

On July 1st, Estonia took over the presidency of the Council of the European Union for the first time ever. The Estonian Presidency’s motto is ‘Unity through balance’, and although not one of the Presidency’s four main priorities, public health will also be a key area for action during the next six months.
For instance, the Estonian Presidency has put tackling alcohol harm high on the public health agenda…