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NEWS: India: Liquor Sales Fall Due to Alcohol-Free Election

Indian alcohol summer sales growth has slowed for beer by 2% and for spirits by 1% comparative to last years sales growth due to alcohol restrictions in election months. According to Global Data, last year in the peak summer months sales grew by 7% for beer and 3% for spirits. Comparatively this year sales growth has reduced by 5% for beer and 2% for spirits in the same time period…

NEWS: Women Who Quit Booze Improve Mental Health

According to a new study women can boost their mental health by quitting alcohol completely.
Despite persisting recommendations by some that “moderate” alcohol use was not harmful to health, new findings suggest people who abstain enjoy the highest level of mental well-being.
The researchers said quitting alcohol may improve overall health-related quality of life as well as mental well-being, especially for women…

EVENT: IOGT Webinar Series

IOGT International arranges webinars, exclusively for its membership. The purpose of these webinars is to explore current advocacy issues,
coordinate about joint campaigning on global occasions, build capacity and update about latest developments in global affairs and science relating to alcohol and other drug prevention, exchange best practices, and inspire with success stories from around the IOGT movement. Participation is for IOGT International members only…

BLOG: The Corporate Consumption Complex And The Need For A New Public Health Agenda – 2nd Part

The dominating infantilist ethos and hyper-consumption are making people and planet sick, as we struggle to find meaning, live sustainably and experience happiness in and through ourselves.
The second part of Viktor’s block buster blog post about the corporate consumption complex and the need for a new public health agenda is exploring how corporate myths fueling hyper-consumption and people’s alienation from themselves and their communities can be busted and counter-acted. And Viktor looks at how more happiness, sustainability and meaning can be restored in our lives, communities and societies…

NEWS: Week #25 Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up

Welcome to another week of carefully curated alcohol policy news, latest science updates, exposing Big Alcohol, and new blog post about new tactics of the alcohol industry.
For week 25, our Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up contains:
Alcohol policy updates come from Scotland (with good news), Estonia (with bad news), the West coast of the United States (about alcohol’s adverse impact on local food production and biodiversity), Germany and France.
Fresh science updates cover the lack of awareness about alcohol and breast cancer and the relationship between parental attitudes and children’s alcohol use.
Our Big Alcohol monitor exposes alcohol industry interference in MUP in Wales, Amazon joining Big Alcohol in the United States…

EVENT: summerLEAHP 2019

summerLEAHP 2019 is the world’s first ever international summer school for bright young minds who want to take the lead in transforming student environments by addressing alcohol-related harm.
Providing a unique hub for youth leaders to develop and enhance their skills, knowledge and capacities in leadership, communication, and advocacy summerLEAHP empowers youth leaders to shape the norms and environments they study and live in to promote health, inclusion and opportunity for all.
summerLEAHP 2019 is a groundbreaking summer program driven by the students themselves in interactive sessions, facilitated by some of the world’s leading experts and activists in the fields of prevention, science, advocacy, communications, and leadership…

NEWS: Germany: Rising Interest in Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

As many as one in 15 beers of the estimated annual 6.2 million hectolitres of beer consumed in Germany contains no alcohol. Störtebeker beer brewery reports sales for their non-alcoholic range of beers increased by 40% in last summer. According to Marc Oliver Huhnholz of the German Association of Brewers (DBB), Germany’s 1,500 breweries, now produce between 400 to 500 alcohol-free varieties of beer…

NEWS: Kenya: Alcohol, Tobacco Tax Increase for UHC

Kenya will see an increase of alcohol and tobacco taxation as part of the effort to achieve universal health coverage (UHC). The Kenyan government is set to raise excise duties on cigarettes, wines and liquor by fifteen per cent in part of newly proposed tax measures aimed at mobilizing resources for the Sh 3.02 trillion 2019-2020 budget…