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NEWS: Week #31 Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up

Welcome to another week of carefully curated alcohol policy news, latest science updates, and more Big Alcohol revelations.
Special Feature:
Members news from Ghana where GhanAPA was launched with the support of the IOGT movement.
For week 31, our Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up contains:
Alcohol policy updates come from New Delhi, India, Hungary, Ukraine and Scotland.
Fresh science updates are about the digital world, labelling awareness among youth and alcohol policy in Ontario, Canada.
Our Big Alcohol monitor exposes the tobacco and alcohol giants invested in Big Marijuana, Heineken in Kenya, and political interference in Australia and The Gambia…

NEWS: Scotland: MUP Law Compliance High

NHS Health Scotland reports shows pioneering policy has been successfully implemented. The new policy of minimum unit pricing for alcohol (MUP) has been implemented effectively, the report has found. The first study of the policy, which came into force in May 2018, found compliance was high among licensed premises in Scotland.
The report published by NHS Health Scotland is one of a series of evaluations of MUP, a critical tool to help prevent and reduce rampant alcohol harm in Scotland…

NEWS: Ireland: Only €8 for Week’s Worth of Alcohol

It costs less than €8 to reach the recommended weekly limit of alcohol in Ireland, a new study has found. The survey, conducted by Alcohol Action Ireland, suggested that alcohol can be bought at a low-cost from not just major retail operators, but across all levels of retail.
In its latest alcohol market review and price survey, Alcohol Action Ireland (AAI) said the price of alcohol in Ireland “demonstrates the remarkable affordability of alcohol to every day shoppers”. Results show that men can reach the low-risk weekly guidelines of alcohol for as little as €7.48. For women it costs only €4.84 to reach their low-risk weekly alcohol limit…

NEWS: New Zealand: Demand for Alcohol Policy Amid Addiction Crisis

Psychiatrists are calling for wide-ranging restrictions on alcohol, saying alcohol harm remains the most pervasive addiction problem in New Zealand. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists has thrown its support behind a call by The New Zealand Medical Journal for strengthening of alcohol regulations to reduce the negative impact of alcohol on New Zealanders’ mental health and wellbeing…

NEWS: EU: Portugal Opposes MUP in Wales

Portugal opposes Welsh minimum alcohol price law, doing the dirty work for the alcohol industry.
The Portuguese government has expressed concerns on a “detailed opinion”wines from Portugal would be discriminated against in Wales as consequence of plans to introduce a minimum price of alcohol (MUP). Portugal has warned the plans could have “direct implications” on the free trade rules of the EU market.
The Welsh Government plans to an MUP of 50p per unit. Consequently, a bottle of wine sold in Wales could cost at least £4.69. The new MUP was set to come into effect this summer but has been delayed because of Portugal’s intervention…

NEWS: Ireland: Explaining Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing

The Public Health (Alcohol) Act was adopted in October 2018 with a timeline outlining when different sections would commence over the coming few years. It contains a number of progressive alcohol policy measures, among others MUP, advertising regulations and labelling rpovisions.
Driven by the positive results of Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) in Scotland, Ireland will be introducing MUP as soon as possible…

NEWS: Week #26 Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up

Welcome to another week of carefully curated alcohol policy news, latest science updates, exposing Big Alcohol, and a new blog post from our global voices.
For week 26, our Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up contains:
Alcohol policy updates come from Zimbabwe, the UK, the United States, Ireland and Northern Europe and cover road safety issues, economic harm, alcohol and cancer, minimum unit pricing and alcohol taxation issues.
Fresh science updates explores alcohol’s effects on agency, a content analysis of alcohol being depicted TV, and the role of students’ assumptions about their peers’ alcohol use for their own alcohol consumption.
Our Big Alcohol monitor exposes alcohol industry lobbying for massive deregulation in the United States, a troubled partnership of DryJuly with Big Alcohol and Major League Soccer opening the floodgates for alcohol promotions.
From our Global Voices Blog Portal, Viktor makes the case for why we need a new public health agenda…

NEWS: Ireland To Move Quickly on MUP

The Irish Minister of Health announced Ireland will move quickly to implement alcohol minimum unit pricing, following encouraging first data from Scotland. The Irish government has been motivated by positive results from Scotland since MUP was implemented a year ago…

NEWS: Wales: MUP Delayed Until 2020

Plans to implement minimum unit price (MUP) in Wales have been delayed till at least 2020. An EU member has held up the process. MUP was supposed to come into effect this summer. Portugal intervened and issued a ‘detailed opinion’ on MUP in Wales, which is method used by used by member states to object to other EU country’s plans…

REPORT: Alcohol Excess – Time for New Measures?

Author Helen Salisbury explores the question “when industries make money from selling products that cause harm, can we expect them to contribute meaningfully to improving public health?”, following two articles published in BMJ. The author questions the the ubiquity of alcohol in our social culture. Specially considering the harmful effects alcohol is known to cause…