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BLOG: Primary Prevention On The Way To Become A Key Issue

I think it is powerful to be able and willing to name things as they are and to move from there to mobilizing political will to address the problem. The problems we face in human societies around the world are made by humans and all can be solved by humans – as soon as we are willing to…

BLOG: Closing Earlier = More Freedom

So the biggest political question in my hometown Gothenburg right now is if the bars and night clubs should be allowed to serve alcohol after 3 AM or not. All the scientific evidence, the police, the municipality officials, hospitals and people living close to pubs and bars are in favour of earlier closing hours. But strangely some youth associations of political parties stand together across the boundaries of different idelogical alliances and oppose the move to close Gothenburg pubs 2 hours earlier.
What’s their point? But the real question is: why does the party have to end, when the selling of alcohol ends? Party and alcohol are not the same, right?

BLOG: Christmas For Everybody

The winter sure is a special time of the year. A lot of people have had vacation during Christmas, Hanukkah and/ or New Years.
Unfortunately, I must say, the Alcohol Industry does not go on vacation…