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NEWS: Big Alcohol Threats Legal Action Against Health Law

The alcohol industry does it again: Big Alcohol threats legal action against public health law. SpiritsEurope, the lobby group of the liquor industry representing Big Alcohol giants in Europe has threatened to pursue legal action against the Minimum Unit Price (MUP) on alcohol measure that the Irish government announced it would implement to reduce alcohol harm and promote public health and well-being in Ireland…

BLOG: The EU A Bonanza For Big Alcohol

Big Alcohol has been attacking two of our member organisations in Europe as well as our close partner (our European youth platform) Active – sobriety, friendship and peace. What did they do to deserve the scorn of Big Alcohol?
We also launch a map of Big Alcohol entry points for their aggressive lobbying in the European Union – see it and read it for the first time ever here.
And finally, we look at the question: what does it take to end this bonanza that puts profit over human rights…