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BLOG: The IOGT Year 2015

As 2015 is winding down and we are gearing up for another, new year – a significant one for IOGT International – I want to spend a moment or two and reflect about the IOGT year 2015…

BLOG: Civil Society Task Force To Prepare UNGASS 2016

Ensuring representation of civil society voices into the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on Drug Policy, a task force has been launched and IOGT International is strongly represented in the newly formed CSTF to prepare UNGASS 2016 at the United Nations in New York…

BLOG: Civil Society And Illicit Drugs

From my perspective I can see that a group of civil society people – with rich donors and vast economic interests behind them – promoting not only decriminalizing but legalization of marijuana and a number of Harm Reduction Organizations are very active to raise the question of the UN Conventions on Drugs. When listening to representatives from different regions, there seems to be no public support for this and most likely we will see status quo. But there’s a lot of fuzz.