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NEWS: Week #26 Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up

Welcome to another week of carefully curated alcohol policy news, latest science updates, exposing Big Alcohol, and a new blog post from our global voices.
For week 26, our Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up contains:
Alcohol policy updates come from Zimbabwe, the UK, the United States, Ireland and Northern Europe and cover road safety issues, economic harm, alcohol and cancer, minimum unit pricing and alcohol taxation issues.
Fresh science updates explores alcohol’s effects on agency, a content analysis of alcohol being depicted TV, and the role of students’ assumptions about their peers’ alcohol use for their own alcohol consumption.
Our Big Alcohol monitor exposes alcohol industry lobbying for massive deregulation in the United States, a troubled partnership of DryJuly with Big Alcohol and Major League Soccer opening the floodgates for alcohol promotions.
From our Global Voices Blog Portal, Viktor makes the case for why we need a new public health agenda…

REPORT: New Zealand: Economic Harm of Employee Alcohol Use

The estimated annual average cost of lost productivity per employee was NZ$1097.71 (NZ$209.62 absenteeism, NZ$888.09 presenteeism) and NZ$134.62 per employer.
At a population level this equates to approximately NZ$1.65 billion per year.
The significant predictors of reduced workplace performance were being younger (less than 25 years), male, having a stressful job and consuming more than the recommended standard number of alcoholic drinks per session.
Considering absenteeism costs alone will substantially underestimate the total productivity loss associated with alcohol use. Designing and effectively targeting a set of multifaceted policies to engineer change at both the workplace and societal levels will assist in reducing the costs of lost productivity to due alcohol…

NEWS: Uber: Addressing Alcohol To Improve Workplace

Accounts of sexism, harassment and misogyny in the tech start up have been many over the years. Pervasiveness of the problem became public with the publication of a New York Times investigation and the release of a 13-page report providing detailed analysis and making a total of 47 recommendations to turn the culture and ethics at Uber around.
The recommendations span from ways to improve diversity and tougher performance reviews for executives to addressing alcohol-fueled culture of objectification and sexualization of women…

NEWS: Regular Marijuana Use Tied To Social Issues

Regular use of marijuana has been tied to social and monetary issues during midlife. A new study reveals: Middle-aged adults who’ve used marijuana for a long time may find themselves with lower paying, less skilled and less prestigious jobs. These people may also suffer more money problems and have more difficulties with both work and personal relationships than their peers who did not use marijuana. Some specific problems longtime marijuana users experience are, among others, antisocial behaviors at work, such as stealing money or lying to get a job, and intimate partner violence…

NEWS: Human Development Report 2015

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has released the 2015 Human Development Report. The report is entitled: Work for human development, and calls for equitable and decent work for all. In doing so, it encourages governments to look beyond jobs to consider the many kinds of work, such as unpaid care, voluntary, or creative work that are important for human development. The report suggests that only by taking such a broad view can the benefits of work be truly harnessed for sustainable development…

NEWS: USA: Alcohol A Major Burden For Economy

New estimates say excess alcohol consumption cost the U.S. economy a quarter-trillion dollars in 2010. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has put a figure on how much it costs the American economy: $249 billion. That includes spending on health care as well as the economic toll of lost productivity, car crashes, crime, and deaths attributable to alcohol consumption. The biggest economic burden from alcohol manifests in the workplace. Alcohol cost $77 billion in impaired productivity at work in 2010, according to the CDC’s breakdown published in the American Journal of Preventive Health…

NEWS: Study: Long Working Hours Lead To Alcohol Problems

New research suggests that people who work long hours can increase risk of adverse health problems. Researchers found that working more than 48 hours per week makes it more likely for people to engage in alcohol consumption with hazardous patterns compared to those who work a standard week. They also have an increased risk of liver diseases,… Read more »