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Ghana: VALD Backs FDA For Banning Adonko Bitters

Ghana: VALD Praises FDA For Banning Adonko Bitters

IOGT International member organization Vision for Alternative Development has issued a statement of strong support for banning highly alcoholic Adonko Bitters.

The Food and Drug Administration of the government of Ghana (FDA) has placed a ban on Adonko Bitters after patrons of the product passed out at an “Easter Monday Adonko Bitters Aseda Bash”. The event was organized by the Angel Group of Companies, the manufacturers of the product to reward loyal consumers of the product.

VALD said in a statement that the Aseda Bash had violated Section 3.2.19 of the FDA guidelines for the advertisement of food products that governs their operations and engagement.

VALD quoted a statement by the FDA saying:

The criterion for gaining access to the concert was solely on condition that each individual purchased a 750ml bottle of the alcoholic beverage at a cost of GHC10, a situation which resulted in the alcoholic beverage being sold to minors as well.

It also resulted in excessive consumption, clearly putting the consumers at risk of flouting the caution of drinking responsibly.”

VALD said it was clear from the FDA’s guidelines that the Adonko Bitters had violated the rules of Section 3.2.19 which states that:

No alcoholic beverage shall be advertised in relation to a public function where persons under the legal drinking age are likely to attend.”

VALD said there is a need for the authorities to carefully monitor the influx of alcohol advertisement on airwaves in Ghana:

Only a few programs on TV and radio are aired without an alcohol ads.

We must be mindful that our kids who are the future generations are glued to TV every day from morning to evening.”

VALD said the harmful use of alcohol has been a cause for great concern globally and even at the nation level – Ghanaian parliamentarians recently called for much better regulation of the alcoholic industry.

The current trend of consumption and the inadequate regulation of alcohol advertisements in both the print and electronic media is a source of worry.

The alcohol causes many problems ranging from serious health and socio-economic effects which end up affecting the family, community and society as a whole. It is one of the major causes of non-communicable diseases like cancer, heart disease or diabetes…”

Source Website: VALD