Europe: Impressive Sales Growth of Alcohol-Free Drinks

Europe: Impressive Sales Growth of Alcohol-Free Drinks Projected for Coming Years

Countries like the UK and Germany are expected to achieve impressive growth per year in sales of zero alcohol beverages, according to new research.

Brand new data from Zenith Global predicts sales growth of almost 10% a year over the next five years for European No Alcohol Drinks in the UK. This would be the highest sales growth in alcohol-free drinks in Europe. But Germany is set to be  the first to reach 1 billion litres by 2023. The European market was worth €5.9bn in 2018 and will be worth €9.3bn in 2023, according to the research.

The four growth drivers contributing to the category’s success are:

  1. Increasing consumer attention to health and wellbeing,
  2. Cultural shift away from alcohol,
  3. Technical advances in improving taste, and
  4. Marketing for more consumption occasions.

Zero alcohol drinks have moved from reluctant compromise to positive engagement. Among the best are products with big brand backing and full taste equivalence or ground breaking challengers with strong ethical credentials, said Richard Hall, chairman of Zenith Global.

Zero alcohol drinks offer a major market opportunity in the coming years, both in countries where they are already established and in regions where they have yet to become significant. This is especially the case in markets where alcohol consumption volumes have been static or declining.”

Source Website: Talking Retail