UK: Many Men Use Alcohol to Deal with Depression

UK: Many Men Use Alcohol to Deal with Depression

Self-medication with alcohol is a serious and growing problem in the UK, with young adult men turning to alcohol to cope with mental health issues.

One in three men in the UK turn to alcohol to deal with depression according to a new report. Stats show nearly two thirds of the men have experienced mental health problems in the last five years.

The State of Man 2019 report, by men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge, has been launched to mark Men’s Health Awareness Week.

It aims to raise awareness of men’s health issues, including suicide – the biggest killer of men below the age of 35.

Stress, suicide and alcohol

While most men engage in physical activity for stress relief, worryingly 33% of men said they turn to alcohol as a release from stress. 71% of the 1,386 respondents admitted to failing to reduce their stress levels at all.

Stress plays a big part in men’s mental health challenges and suicide.

Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45, and stress can play a big part,” said Ken Hermes, Lions Barber Collective Ambassador, as per The Sun.

Alcohol is scientifically known to be a depressant. It is possible for alcohol to aggravate mental health problems. Therefore it is dangerous and worrying for UK men to be turning to alcohol for stress relief.

Men’s mental health charity The Lions Barber Collective encourages men to talk more openly about their mental health problems and to seek help. They also encourage others to check up on male friends, family, and relatives who may be showing signs of a mental health problems, including alcohol use problems.

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