Africa: First Ladies Call For Alcohol Taxation

Africa: First Ladies Call For Alcohol Taxation

First ladies attending the African Union summit in Niamey, Niger issued a strong call for increases in taxes on cancer-causing products such as tobacco and alcohol.

On the sidelines of the summit, Sika Bella Kabore, the first lady of Burkina Faso, delivered a joint appeal for more effective measures to tackle cancer. In unity, the African First Ladies called for higher taxes on tobacco, alcohol and other carcinogenic products.

Both alcohol and cigarettes are cheaper in most African countries than in western countries, where a tax on such products tends to be incorporated into health policies.

Alcohol taxation is highly impactful in health, development promotion

IOGT International welcomes the increasing calls for health promotion taxation.

Already in 2015, did the East African Alcohol Policy Alliance together with IOGT International launch a report about the importance of alcohol taxation to promote health and development for all.

Alcohol Taxation – A Win-Win Measure For Financing Development 

Since then, the scientific evidence has further strengthened and calls for implementation of health promotion taxation have intensified. For instance, WHO data showed that countries in Africa are now bearing the heaviest burden of alcohol-related disease and injury, but alcohol policy implementation remains weak and insufficient.

To this effect, alcohol policy alliances, together with IOGT International issues a renewed call for more action recently.

Prioritization of Alcohol Control Policy will safeguard Public Health in Africa

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Source Website: Yahoo News