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Big Alcohol Looks To Boost Sales In Africa

Chris McCall
McCall C., Alcohol industry looks to boost drinks sales in Africa, in: The Lancet, Vol.389 February 11,2017
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    The Lancet
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Alcohol industry looks to boost drinks sales in Africa

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Alcohol manufacturers are setting their sights on the growing African market to increase sales of their products, often using aggressive advertising tactics to lure new consumers. Chris McCall reports for The Lancet.

Key quotes

Sally Casswell, an expert on public health policy at New Zealand’s Massey University and chair of the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance:

We have clear evidence the industry is reliant on harmful use of alcohol for their sales and profits.”

Øystein Bakke, senior adviser on alcohol, drugs, and development at Forut Norway:

The big opportunities lie in Africa. That is where they are pointing to for their future growth and future profits. That is what they are telling their investors.

Many African countries have quite strong economic growth. They have a very young population and they have quite a significant number of people who don’t drink who are potential customers. About 50% of the world’s population do not drink alcohol. It is basically not part of their culture to do it. A big section of these are women around the world.

I think you are going to see quite an increase in general per capita consumption. I think you are going to see a reduction in the population who don’t drink alcohol.”

Rogers Kasirye, Executive Director at UYDEL, Uganda Youth Development Link, a member of IOGT International:

Alcohol is larger than water in this country. You can sell anywhere. You can sell in the markets, you can sell in the streets. Everyone can sell.

Every five minutes they are telling young people: drink.”

Source Website: The Lancet