In IOGT International we assign great value to collaboration and partnerships. It is through working together, through supporting each other, that we can come up with the best solutions to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. Therefore, we work hand-in-hand with experienced, knowledgeable and heart-driven civil society leaders.

We strive to add value to the efforts of our partners and colleagues, and to create synergies and momentum in order to raise awareness of important issues, boost independent evidence and empower decision-makers. We believe that working together, adding value to each other’s missions gives us the best chance to learn from one another and to make transformative change happen.


IOGT International has been working for global peace and international friendship and understanding before the United Nations or its predecessor the League of Nations existed. IOGT International and our members have been protecting and promoting Human Rights long before the Universal Declaration of Human Rights had been adopted.

As a movement of internationalism, peace, democracy and Human Rights, we are committed to the United Nations and its mission. We collaborate with a number of UN agencies and other UN bodies and contribute actively to their missions.


Our United Nations Partners are:


The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) is the United Nations’ central platform for reflection, debate, and innovative thinking on sustainable development.

IOGT International is in Special Consultative Status with the ECOSOC since 2011.

Ever since we were granted Special Consultative Status in 2011 are we actively participating in a number of UN processes and are regularly at the UN Headquarters in New York.

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is concerned with international public health. It was established on 7 April 1948, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

IOGT International contributes actively to WHO’s work, its consultation and has been a partner for more than three decades.

We are regularly participating in the World Health Assembly – the forum through which the WHO is governed by its 194 member states. It is the world’s highest health policy setting body and is composed of health ministers from member states.

United Nations Development Program

UNDP is a specialised agency of the UN. It is the United Nations’ global development network.

IOGT International contributes actively to UNDP’s work and is a partner with UNDP and WHO in a joint program to strengthen and align national policy frameworks for the harmful use of alcohol, gender-based violence, and infectious diseases.

We work systematically with raising awareness of the fact that alcohol is a major obstacle to development and with empowering decision-makers to address alcohol as obstacle to development.

UN Women

UN Women is the UN organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. A global champion for women and girls, UN Women was established to accelerate progress on meeting their needs worldwide.

IOGT International contributes actively to UN Women’s work and is a partner in the SayNo Unite Campaign, promoting Orange Day to raise awareness of violence against women and girls. At CSW, IOGT International arranges Side Events to address the intersection of alcohol, gender-based violence and other epidemics burdening women.

We are regularly participating in the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) – the principal global intergovernmental body exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women. CSW is a functional commission of ECOSOC.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

UNODC is a global leader in the fight against illicit drugs and international crime.

IOGT International is an active partner to UNODC, especially concerning UNGASS 2016 and the facilitation of civil society input and participation. We also regularly participate in the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) – the CND assists ECOSOC in supervising the application of the international drug control treaties. IOGT International arranges Side Events to cover different aspects of harm caused by illicit drugs and effective, Human Rights-based approaches to prevent and reduce such harm.

United Nations Department for Social and Economic Affairs

UN DESA works closely with governments and stakeholders to help countries around the world meet their economic, social and environmental goals.

IOGT International as a UN DESA stakeholder and participates in the Commission for Social Development (CSocD) – the key United Nations body in charge of the follow up and implementation of the Copenhagen Declaration and Programme of Action.

Alcohol Policy Partners

AiAP logoOur partners in the promotion of evidence-based, high-impact and cost-effective alcohol policy measures are:

Global Alcohol Policy Alliance (GAPA)

IOGT International helped start GAPA and regularly supports GAPA’s biannual global alcohol policy conferences. Several IOGT members are part of the GAPA board.

NCD Alliance

IOGT International is a network member of the NCD Alliance. We cooperate closely on all issue related to advocacy for an evidence-based and high-impact response to the global epidemic of NCDs, as well as concerning the Post-2015 negotiation processes, including financing for development.

International Federation of the Blue Cross Associations (IFBC)

IOGT International and IFBC are close allies in the efforts to protect children from alcohol harm, to remove alcohol as obstacle to development and to help people, families and communities overcome addiction problems.

Indian Alcohol Policy Alliance (IAPA)

IOGT International helped start IAPA in 2005 and has been a close partner, advisor and supporter ever since.

The Asia Pacific Alcohol Policy Alliance (APAPA)

IOGT International helped start APAPA and has been a close partner ever since.

United States Alcohol Policy Alliance (USAPA)

USAPA and IOGT International are close allies in the mission to advocate for implementation of evidence-based and high-impact alcohol policy measures in the United States, to raise awareness of the alcohol harm and to curb the influence of the alcohol industry.

East African Alcohol Policy Alliance (EAAPA)

IOGT International helped start EAAPA and has been supportive in capacity-building and joined advocacy initiatives ever since.

Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance (SAAPA)

IOGT International and SAAPA are close partners in alcohol policy advocacy and the global effort to curb the alcohol industry.


The European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing (EUCAM) is a close partner of ours in the effort to monitor the tactics and practices of the alcohol industry concerning marketing and in exposing these strategies to raise awareness and empower decision-makers and opinion leaders. One of our Member Organisations, IOGT-NTO Sweden is founding and supporting member of EUCAM.

European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare)

IOGT International was decisive in helping to start Eurocare. Several IOGT International member organizations are part of Eurocare and contribute regularly.


IOGT International Member Organizations are part of Nordan and support the mission of the network.

Alcohol Policy Network (APN), Europe

IOGT International members are part of the APN and support the mission of APN.

Alcohol Justice, USA

IOGT International and Alcohol Justice are allies in the efforts to hold Big Alcohol accountable for Human Rights abuses and to advocate for evidence-based alcohol policy measures in the United States and worldwide. The CEO/ President Bruce Livingston is a guest blogger in our Global Voices Blog Portal.

Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE), Australia

IOGT International and FARE are allies in promoting evidence about alcohol-related harm, raising awareness of high-impact measures to prevent and reduce that harm and in exposing the alcohol industry’s unethical practices.

Institute of Alcohol Studies, London, UK

IOGT International and the IAS are allies working together in GAPA and Eurocare and for promoting evidence about alcohol-related harm, raising awareness of high-impact measures to prevent and reduce that harm and in exposing the alcohol industry’s unethical practices.

New York Alcohol Policy Alliance

IOGT International and NYAPA are close partners in starting a conversation on alcohol and cancer in New York and the United States. We also support NYAPA campaigns to ban alcohol ads on New York public transit (BAAFT).

European Cancer Leagues (ECL)

IOGT International and ECL are close partners in starting a conversation on alcohol and cancer and to raise awareness of the European Code Against Cancer, especially among young Europeans. We also support the European Week against Cancer.

NCD Free

IOGT International and NCD Free are partners in finding innovative ways to empower people around the world to live a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent and reduce NCDs.

World Medical Association (WMA)

IOGT International and WMA are close partners in political processes related to WHO negations relating to NCDs, WHO reform and other alcohol-related public health issues.

Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)

IOGT International and UICC are close partners in starting a conversation on alcohol and cancer and to raise awareness of the global disease burden caused by cancer. We also support the World Cancer Day.

International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA)

IOGT International and IFMSA are close partners in empowering young health professionals to expose myths about alcohol, to question the alcohol norm and expose the harmful practices of the alcohol industry. We also collaborate on issues of global health such as NCDs negations, and Post-2015 negotiations.

Health and Trade Network (HaT)

IOGT International is founding member of the newly created HaT.

European Public Health Alliance (EPHA)

IOGT International and EPHA are close allies and partners on two topics: European alcohol policy advocacy and issues of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

TPP Allies

IOGT International is a member of the TPP Allies network to monitor and influence the negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP).

Together Curbing Big Alcohol

BigAlcoholIn addition to our partners above, we partner with the following network in order to support each other in holding corporations and their industries, including Big Alcohol, accountable for their Human Rights abuses:

Conflict of Interest Coalition

The Conflict of Interest Coalition comprises civil society organisations united by the common objective of safeguarding public health policy-making against commercial conflicts of interest through the development of a Code of Conduct and Ethical Framework for interactions with the private sector. IOGT International is a member of the coalition, closely cooperating on processes at the WHO and World Health Assembly.

Treaty Alliance – Global Movement for a binding treaty

IOGT International is part of the movement of hundreds of groups around the world calling for a binding international treaty to address corporate human rights abuses. The Treaty Alliance is an alliance of committed networks and campaign groups around the world, joining to collectively help organise advocacy activities in support of developing a binding international instrument to address human rights abuses committed by transnational corporations and other business enterprises.

Building Alcohol Ad-Free Transit (BAAFT), New York

BAAFT‘s purpose is simple: to remove alcohol advertising from NYC public transit to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of young people – and we in IOGT International support BAAFT’s mission.

Narcotic Drugs Policy Partners

In addition to the vast network of highly esteemed partners and colleagues within the community for evidence-based alcohol policy, IOGT International is also highly involved in political work for a drug-free world.

AdvocacyThe Vienna NGO Committee (VNGOC)

IOGT International is member of VNGOC. Our Executive Director Esbjörn used to Chairman of VNGOC until recently.

World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD)

IOGT International is member of WFAD.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM)

IOGT International and SAM collaborate closely in the UNGASS 2016 and for our common mission to strengthen prevention of drug use and protection of children and youth from illicit drugs.

Drug Policy Futures (DPF)

Drug Policy Futures is a global platform for a new drug policy debate based on health. IOGT International is founding member of DPF.

Tackling Obstacle To Development

Beyond 2015

Beyond 2015 is a global civil society campaign, pushing for a strong and legitimate successor framework to the Millennium Development Goals. IOGT International is a member of the network.

Global Civil Society Movement on the SDGs after 2015

A global network bringing together members of global civil society to make the voices of people heard and to hold leaders to account on the commitments they will make when adopting the this ambitious new agenda, including key commitments on financing and universal implementation. We want the Sustainable Development Goals to translate into real transformative change and gains for those currently left behind.

IOGT International is member of the Global Civil Society Movement on the SDGs after 2015.


Concord is the European confederation of Relief and Development NGOs. We collaborate with Concord on topics of development, including addressing alcohol as obstacle to development.

Defending Human Rights

We partner with organizations to help prevent and reduce gender-based violence:

  • The NGO Committee on the Status of Women (NGOCSW), New York
  • United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UN Trust Fund)


And we partner with civil society to help protect children and promote their best interests:

Partners In Academia

New Era College

IOGT International works with New Era College to produce and disseminate evidence about alcohol and alcohol policy measures to prevent harm. Together we worked on the translation and launched the Chinese translation of the book “Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity.”

Georgia State University

IOGT International and Prof. Monica Swahn of Georgia State University collaborate closely. We are partners in community advocacy and research in Uganda and we work together to examine the capacities of civil society.

International Confederation of Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drug (ATOD) Research Associations (ICARA)

ICARA is an umbrella organisation for research societies across the globe concerned about alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and behavioural addictions. It is an international, nongovernmental, multidisciplinary and civil society organization bringing together research societies to promote ATOD science through professional exchange, collaboration and action. The mission of ICARA is to create an international network of research societies in order to promote, support and enhance research on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, nationally and internationally.

IOGT International helped to start ICARA.

Partners In Social Work

RehabWorld Association of the Clubs of Alcoholics in Treatment (W.A.C.A.T.)

W.A.C.A.T. works to promote the development and the dissemination of the Clubs of Alcoholics in Treatment (CAT) and of the social-ecological approach to the alcohol related and mixed problems.

IOGT International and WACAT closely cooperate to promote and spread the family club approach.

European Mutual-Help Network for Alcohol-Related Problems (EMNA)

IOGT International and EMNA cooperate closely. Two current EMNA board members are from the IOGT movement and IOGT Germany as well as IOGT Denmark are founding members of the network.